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Summer Fun in Virginia

I love the beach. I grew up going to Ocean City, Maryland every summer. We had a beach house on 130th street. I don't really know how my mom kept us safe and not burned to a crisp, but she did. Sometime during our teenage years, our parents sold that place. It was my favorite place to go as a family!

Now that I am a mom, going to the beach is more challenging than I thought. Sand gets everywhere...yes, I mean EVERYWHERE. The kids want to play right at the edge of the water, but not in it. Sometimes they scream when we wade into the water with them, clinging to us like we are going to dunk them. (Well, that part might be true of my husband) Toys, towels, coolers, chairs and all other things we might OR might not need.... are to be carried to our spot, but so do our "littles" if the sand is hot. For some reason, laying quietly on the beach is not their idea of fun.

We still go because I love it. Our family goes so we can make memories. We go to teach about the beauty and wonder of creation and our Creator. We play and dance along the surf. Building sandcastles and then watching the waves crash into them. Our children go to play with "fwends" and see the ships out on the horizon. It always seems like too much work, a struggle to pack everything in the van and go. Babies and toddlers are not always great traveling companions. (or is it just my family??)

Then we see their faces of joy and wonder. Excitement and pleasure. Trust and freedom to explore because WE are THERE. They don't care how we look, if we lost that postpartum baby weight, what swimsuit we are wearing or what food we brought (as long as there is food and drinks.) I have nursed babies at the beach and comforted crying toddlers. We NEVER regret going and always love the MEMORIES we are making as a family.

Here are some of Virginia's smaller beaches that we like to go to. Comment and let me know what beach areas your family likes to go to. I AM ALWAYS looking for our next adventure.

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