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I am so thankful for Kristi and the support she gave our family with the birth of our fourth blessing. This was my second VBAC and we knew that the extra support was essential in order to take the pressure of a natural hospital birth with a higher risk delivery of vaginal birth. I can still remember the calming voice of Kristi and the way she worked with my husband and I to allow us to embrace the beauty of birth together as a team. Kristi was also there to help before and after the birth, she took the time to find out what we needed with support and was there every step. We love Kristi and are thankful for her many years of birthing experience that helped ours to be filled with love and good memories.-Maria and Richard

We were so thankful to have Kristi as our doula, she was there for us before labor, during labor and postpartum! She helped my wife get the birth she wanted, and even when I was about to break she helped me too. Kristi is a great support and a blessing to know!! Thank you again Kristi!! -Noah

I am so thankful I had Kristi as my doula. She is always there when I had any questions about my pregnancy, and even now with breastfeeding questions! Kristi really helped me get what I wanted from my birth, Even when I was ready to quit Kristi supported me. We pushed thru and had a great delivery, and I cannot say enough great things about her! She really is a great doula, now friend, and support!!! -Samantha


 Kristi was amazing! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She attended several dr appointments with me and helped me form a successful birth plan. She was kind and attentive with my many questions. During labor she was a lifesaver! She advocated for me when I couldn't talk on my own behalf which was so helpful! She was kind and soothing when needed during labor but also strongly supportive when I required an extra "nudge" to keep going. She implemented pain management techniques (I.e. Massage, deep pressure, birth ball, visualization). It was because of her support and techniques I was able to follow through with my intention of having a successful, natural birth. I feel that hiring Kristi was one of the best decisions I made and greatly contributed to my amazing and positive birth experience. Thank you Kristi!!! :)" H. Lynn


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