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About Us

Kristi Ramey  

Founder and Owner


Kristi is happily married to Tod and they have three daughters and five grandsons.

Years of personal experience as both a mother and educator have given her the desire to equip, educate and encourage moms in the Richmond and Greater Richmond areas.

Along with time spent on the foreign mission field (Mexico), she home educated her children and taught breastfeeding education for several years. These along with many other experiences have given her varied and unique apporach to birth and beyond. Allowing her daughters to attend births and attend classes by her side was what initially ignited her passion to serve, as many in her generation did not grow up with that caring, holistic view of the body and seasons of life.


Proverbs 31:26  She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. ESV

Birth and Post Partum Doulas in Richmond, VA


Started Ramey Birth Doula business in 2014.

Newborn Care Specialist Training with Newborn Care Solutions 2017

Advanced Training with Multiples 2017

Former EMT in the state of Ohio.

Trained Emergency Medical Technician. (EMT)

Retired CPR instructor.


Doula and Birth Work

Labor and Postpartum Doula work since 2000.

Trained with ProDoula and Birth Arts International  (BAI)

Childbirth Educator beginning in 2012.

Lamaze International CBE Training 2017

Kristi's credentials

Lactation and Personal Breastfeeding

La Leche League Leader, Breastfeeding Educator since 1998. Breastfed for about 5 years total.

Our Philosophy and Team

Our idea of birth is that each woman educate and prepare herself for her birth. Having a supportive husband that will also learn with you is so nice. As your Doula, we add to this relationship by coming alongside you and your partner, helping you to achieve the birth that you want.


We believe that women are able to give birth without much interference, but most generally choose to have others around them that have more experience with birth.


A Birth Doula will adapt her ways to yours, specific for each birth so that what you want, is most important. We work for you in a non- judgemental way, supporting your choices. We provide information, education and websites that are helpful but never impose our beliefs. Your Birth, Your Way!

We look forward to serving you.


Newborn Care Specialist
Annie joined our team in 2017.  She comes to us after 2 years working at a preschool in the infant rooms. In her 2nd year at college, Annie is working towards her teaching degree. Attended NEWBORN CARE TRAINING in 2017. As a teenager, Annie was always babysitting and volunteering in ministries that needed childcare.  At 17, Annie was the first teen that the local MOPS mom's group allowed to head up the MOPPETS childcare. She prepared, collected and implemented curriculum, hired and maintained workers for the room and was accountable for payments and expenses. Fluent in Spanish, she will be a welcome member of our team.
Kristi was amazing throughout my labor and delivery. She's the reason I made it to 9 centimeters before having an epidural (due to baby sunny side up I stayed at 9 for 2 hours). She helped to refocus me on my breathing when the pain was so unbearable that I would've lost my mind and maybe screamed at every person in that room. She kept me calm when it felt like a knife was in my tailbone repeatedly. She was my advocate making sure things went how I wanted them when I was unable to express it. I will forever be grateful for her wonderful services! N. Matchett 12/31/14
Kristi Ramey is an excellent doula! I had her attend both of my births. She is the reason I decided to become a Doula and PE specialist.  Throughout my pregnancy she was very helpful and resourceful, lending me birthing books and teaching me relaxation techniques, to help get me the labor and delivery i wanted. When it was time to deliver she maintained calm and made the atmosphere very relaxing. She was able to show my husband where certain pressure points were and helped when he needed breaks. She help me stick to my birth plan and let everyone know i did not want to be bothered. She encouraged me to breathe through contractions and reminded me to relax. Both births were fairly easy and quick and I know it would have been way different without her. As for post partum care, she was there to help latching baby on. And then the weeks to come made sure nursing went smoothly and answered any questions i had and asked how i was healing and seemed to really care about me. I would have to say she makes you feel so powerful as a mother and that you are capable of having a baby. I highly recommend Kristi as a doula to all of my pregnant friends."

J.  Dominguez 11/16/2014

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