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Newborn Care Specialist

In January 2018, we will be adding Rockabye Ramey to our team! Rockabye Ramey Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) are highly trained in the latest techniques to help your baby settle and learn to sleep through the  night or to give you some help (and rest) during the day. They are professionals trained in infant care from newborn through the first year. All staff are current in CPR, First Aid and have background checks. Commonly called Newborn Nanny, Baby "Nurse" or Sleep Nanny, we are excited to serve the families of Richmond and surrounding areas.

Need Sleep?

Our Newborn Care Specialists are a perfect solution to sleepless nights and the exhaustion of  new parents. These newborn nannies come to your home to care for your sweet little baby for 10 to 12 hours at night or for 24 hour shifts.  We offer packages to fit your needs.

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