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One of the most overlooked facets of postpartum care is breastfeeding education and support.

We encourage moms to attend our breastfeeding class while they are pregnant so they can have a solid foundation in place. Studies show the breastfeeding education during pregnancy and then a visit after the baby is born will help get breastfeeding off to a better start. Partners are welcome to join us and learn how to best encourage and support mom and baby.

As a client of Ramey Doula Services, you will always have access to one of us for breastfeeding questions or other feeding questions.

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However, you can schedule our services without being a client of ours!

 Call today and schedule a private in-home class or group class with other expectant mothers. Kristi, our lactation consultant, will be able to help you figure out what works best. 

We will give you the information you'll need if you are pumping or returning back to work.


After the baby is born you can schedule a consult with us to make sure everything is going well or help you with any concerns you're having. We are trained in many issues related to feeding babies and have many years of breastfeeding experience ourselves. 

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