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Starting Fresh

You know how sometimes change can be scary?

New places, new people, new everything?

For instance, moving across the country to start over in a different place.

The plants are different, the weather is strange, the people have accents.

Oh wait, WE have the accents now. Haha.

For some of us, this time can be exciting! New and Fresh.

Like taking a deep cleansing breathe. Ahhhhhh

Well, the Rameys have done just this.

We have relocated to the Richmond, VA area.

Saying our goodbyes to our dear friends and families.


Today, we officially opened RAMEY BIRTH DOULA SERVICES and put out the WELCOME sign.

Next week we finish up the paperwork and pray all is in order.

This week, my first Birth Doula client here in VA is due to deliver her baby.

Last night, I bought my first Richmond, Virginia shirt.

Tomorrow, next week, next month, the next the future.....We look forward to serving you as a Labor Doula, Post-Partum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant, Photographer and facilitator of Parenting and Mom to Mom Support Groups.

Call us to set up a FREE Consultation. 804-393-0094

You can find us on FB, at or email

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