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Help, New Baby In the House!

How will I know what to do and when?

I am breastfeeding, how much is enough?

What do I do if my milk is not in yet?

Will my baby starve?

He wants to eat how often?

I think my baby poops too much!

My nipples are sore, cracked or bleeding. Ouch!

Who do I ask for help?

These are normal thoughts and great questions.

Those first few days and weeks can be challenging.

Give yourself time to heal and rest. Drink and eat as needed. (I know this is usually a given, but new moms can get so tired and forget to eat and drink enough)

Snuggle with the baby often and offer the breast more often.

This early milk, called colostrum, is packed with powerful nutrients, antibodies and laxatives to help him pass the first baby poops, thus reducing his risk for jaundice.

A new baby often feeds every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 during the night.

Feedings can last a few minutes on each breast or longer if you have a slow, steady nurser.

Make sure to watch for signs of hunger, or cues that let you know he is ready to eat. Opening and closing his mouth, licking lips, fingers to his mouth, sucking on lips or other things like a pacifier or blanket. Grunting, wiggling and "rooting" or searching for the breast. A crying baby is already very hungry.

All of this can be overwhelming to any mom, especially in the first few days and weeks.

What is your support system like? Will the baby's dad be home for a few days to help?

Is someone coming in to help with daily chores and meal prep?

Will you feel isolated or enjoy the quiet?

If you have other children, will they be able to rest when you do?

Have you ever heard of a Post Partum Doula?

Ramey Birth Doula Services offers help in this and many other areas.

We have plans we can help you implement, charts you can use, numbers to call for local professionals, answers to your questions, lactation support and time to come over and play with your other children.

By the time we end a shift, your house will be cleaner and a meal might be in the crock pot simmering.

We can even work overnight shifts for those long nights when baby is not sleeping well yet.

Looking into sleep training, returning to work, how to travel with a new baby? All of these things and more, we can help. Our trained professionals at are here to answer your questions and schedule a phone consult with you to see how we can help. Serving Chester, Chesterfield, Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas.

Call us at 804-393-0094 or Contact us.

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